The Polytechnic department of Civil Engineering in SHIVA INSTITUTE OF ENGG. & TECHNOLOGY, Bilaspur has been set up in 2013. The department is providing Diploma course in Civil Engineering (CE) with an annual intake of 60 students. The department works on the theme area of “Eco-Friendly structure”. It has created collaboration with industries to work for the various tasks given by Govt., Semi govt. and other private organizations. The faculty of the department continues to strive loftier by exploring new frontiers of knowledge and imparting the latest technical knowledge to the students. The institution has well qualified and dedicated faculty having experience in both public & private sector as well as in institutions. They are specialized in Structural Engg., R.C.C., Geo-technical, Environmental Engg., Water resources, Transportation, Surveying, construction technology & management. The Faculty members are imparting technical knowledge to the students and conducting high quality of research. Many of our alumni hold prestigious positions in leading academic institutions, industries and in government organizations. In order to improve the academic proficiency, faculty members are encouraged to attend Short Term Training Programmes, Staff Development Programmes, Workshops and Seminars. Faculty seminars are scheduled periodically on topics of current interest. The department is assisted by well qualified supporting staff.
Vision of Department:  To create competent Civil engineers with ethical values and social responsibility accomplishing societal needs and skill development in sustainable infrastructure development through innovative and responsible use of technology with a sense of humanity.
Career in Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering and incorporates the design and construction of roads, airports, tunnels, bridges, water supply and sewage systems, dams, harbours, railroad systems, docks, power supply systems, buildings and even nuclear power plants etc. Civil Engineers work as construction engineers, transportation engineers, hydraulic and irrigation engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, public works engineers. There is a huge demand for civil engineers in India and it is also expected to get boosts as the country gets ready to upgrade its infrastructure with growing economic and political clout in the world. The career opens a lot of opportunities in numerous government departments. Civil engineers are employed in all construction projects carried out by central and state government agencies. There are equally good opportunities in private sector for civil engineers. A major opening for qualified civil engineers is also in armed forces where they can make vital contribution to the protection of the country. Last but not the least you can set up your own engineering consultancy.

Labs details:

1. Structural Mechanics Lab.

The Structural Mechanics Lab at Shiva Group of Institutions Chandpur Bilaspur (H.P.) serves a wide spectrum of activities covering those related to teaching, research, development, and consultancy. The primary activities include experimental studies on model/prototype of structural elements and assemblies under various static and dynamic loading conditions.

Target Users: Polytechnic students
In charge: Er. Vishal Thakur (Faculty in charge)

2. Computer Aided Design Laboratory (CAD LAB)

A well-equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is established for the benefit of the civil engineering students. High end terminals supported by latest hardware and software, latest visual aids, plotting devices, etc. are among them. Advanced civil engineering software is procured for making the students globally competitive and industry ready.
At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of civil engineering drawings using the latest version of AutoCAD software. Students  learn computer aided design layout and 3D solid modeling definition. Students  also gain the knowledge of design and drafting needed for civil engineering discipline. 

Target Users: Polytechnic students
In charge: Er. Hemanshu (Faculty in charge)

3. Surveying Lab:

Our surveying lab offers supplemental experience in fundamental land surveying measurement methods for surveying courses, including precision steel taping methods to perform horizontal measurements, traditional transits and digital theodolites to perform angular measurements, and traditional and automatic levels for elevation measurements.In addition, students have opportunity to use total station equipment, which enables horizontal, vertical, and angular measurements to be made in one operation.

Target Users: CE- B. TECH students & Polytechnic students
In charge: Er. Sushil Katwal (Faculty in charge)

4. Fluid Mechanics Lab:

Fluid mechanics is an important subject in the study of the behavior of fluid equally when at rest and when in motion. It is a branch of physics with the mechanics of fluid (liquid, gases and plasmas). Fluid mechanics has a wide range of application including mechanical engineering civil engineering and chemical engineering.

Target Users: CE- B. TECH students & Polytechnic students
In charge: Er. Sushil Katwal (Faculty in charge)

5. Soil and foundation Engineering Laboratory:

The students gain hands-on experience in conducting soil laboratory tests to determine soil parameters needed for Geo-technical engineering design, and to communicate this information with others. Further the laboratory involves determination of moisture content, density, plastic limit, and liquid limit, shrinkage limit, bearing capacity, grain size distribution and specific gravity of soil.

Target Users: CE- B. TECH students & Polytechnic students
In charge: Er. Reshav Patiyal (Faculty in charge)

6. Highway Engineering Lab:

This lab is used for research and teaching in the fields of rigid and flexible pavements and testing pavements materials and structures. Several instruments exist in the lab for conducting materials characterization tests.
Target Users: CE Polytechnic students
In charge: Er. Vishal Thakur (Faculty in charge)

7. Concrete Lab:

This lab enables students to carry various experiments regarding compressive strength of concrete, tensile strength of concrete, workability test, design mix, modulus of rupture of concrete. All these experiments intended to determine the quality of concrete.
Target Users: CE Polytechnic students
In charge: Er. Surabhi (Faculty in charge)

Civil - Faculty Profile

Er. Anurag Kashyap
Teaching Staff

S. No Name Qualification Experience Designation
1. Er. Anurag Kashyap M.Tech 3 years Asst. Prof.& HOD
2. Er. Sushil Katwal B.Tech 3 years Asst. Prof.
3. Er. Vandna M.Tech (Pur) 3 years Asst. Prof.
4. Er. Gaurav B.Tech Fresher Asst. Prof.
5. Er. Vishal Thakur B.Tech 6 months Asst. Prof.
6. Er. Himanshu M.Tech 2 years Asst. Prof.