Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities consists of Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, English & Communication Skills, Management, Environmental Studies & Disaster Management. This is a fundamental department to the other departments of SIET, Bilaspur because students are required to acquire basic knowledge of Applied Sciences before pursuing 3rd and higher semesters of various branches of Engineering. It has Engineering Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, and Communication Skills Lab for upgrading their basic knowledge in Engineering & Skill development.

Aim of department

The aim of the department is to provide quality education to the students so that they can contribute in the development of the society so as nation. Our aim is not only to provide theoretical knowledge but also provide students exposure to the developing society so that they can build their future in a better way.

Applied Science Department

About the Labs:-

Engineering Physics Laboratory :
The laboratory is equipped with latest instruments and peripherals, which are made freely available to the students. Apart from the basic experiments, Engineering Physics Lab has separate Dark room for performing laser optics related experiments. Major equipments like He-Ne Laser, Michelson Interferometer, Newton ring apparatus, Hall Effect, Cathode Ray oscilloscope and spectrometer are some of the main features of the lab. Sophisticated equipments to measure resistivity of semiconductor using Four-Probe method and electric vibrator to measure the frequency of AC mains are also available.


Engineering Chemistry Laboratory :
The college has a spacious Chemistry Lab. The objective of the lab is to expose the students of I and II semester to the fundamentals of Engineering Chemistry. This lab is well equipped with various types of digital instruments like colorimeter; conduct meter, pH meter, electrical balance etc. The lab has an electric furnace, bomb calorimeter, electric ovens etc.   



Language Laboratory :
The Institute can boast of well equipped Communication Skills Lab. In modern era language forms the basis in science and technology. The Communication Skills Lab is a special initiative to promote and develop a skill-specific training for  all  the students of  the SIET. We have ETNL software in the communication skills lab which helps the students in learning English language  in a proper way. It provides a platform to all the engineering students of SIET be well prepared for their placements in the last semester.