Infrastructure of SIET

SIET recognizes that world class campus infrastructure is an integral part of the institutional, organizational and service mission of the institution. Our campus is designed to enhance teaching-learning processes. Five stories building comprising of Administrative Block, Academic Block, Computer Center, Spacious class rooms, Library, Canteen, Shopping complex, etc. is complete in all respects. A separate workshop building with different shops with state of the art equipment is also available. The building has all the facilities to cater to the needs of undergraduate students and faculty.


The institute has a beautiful complex located in a complete pollution free zone completely away from the city hustle & bustle. The panoramic beauty of the place is ideal for the academic pursuits. The campus has broadband facility with 2 Mbps connectivity. The faculty, staff and students can access the Internet round the clock from any location on the campus, including classrooms and labs. The facility enables the students in referring any study materials and useful information from the web.


Our College campus provides comfortable hostel facilities separately for boys and girls. Solar water heaters, water coolers and water purifiers are provided in all the hostels. All rooms in the hostels have Internet connections. The pollution-free environment adds to the healthy living conditions on the campus.

  • No student will stay in the hostel during college hours, except lunch hours or with prior written permission of the Principal/HODs in case of illness or other exigencies.
  • All lights and fans must be switched off before leaving the room.
  • Ragging is totally banned. Anyone indulging in ragging will face suspension/expulsion from the Institute besides being charged with criminal offense case through F.I.R. under local Police Station.
  • Hostelers are themselves responsible for their valuables, cash, mobile phones, computers etc.

Last entry time at night in the hostels are as under:

a) Girls Hostel:- 7:00 PM
b)Boys Hostel : 9:00 PM

  • Hostelers will follow the timings of mess and common room strictly.
  • All complaints against hostel attendants/servants should be brought to the notice of the warden in writing.
  • Residents should come to the dining hall in proper dress and are advised to avoid wastage of food. The Institute authorities can conduct surprise checks at any time. Violation of hostel rules or office orders/notices issued by the university institute authorities, from time to time, is punishable.


The food court at College serves all delicacies keeping in mind the health quotient. Students take delight in holding academic discussions and informal get to-gathers in its comfortable and hospitable ambience

Wi- Fi Access

The entire College campus including Academic Blocks and library are fully Wi-Fi promoting anywhere everywhere learning. The Computer Center SIET Bilaspur has state-of-the-art campus wide network of more than 200 data nodes over the fiber backbone, wifi, and a number of servers to support the various services viz. email, web, etc. A 4Mbps Internet connectivity has been leased from Air tel Bharti services to facilitate the use of the latest information technology in Institute’s teaching, learning, research process. SIET College has one of the most echnologically advanced College campuses in the country and is inter-connected which brings the network to every desk, with a second layer of Wireless Networking enabling connections anywhere. Over 500 computers on-campus are connected to the internet through broadband connections with the network of over 20 high end servers that power the on-