Department of Mechanical Engineering:-

Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the oldest and largest in terms of faculty, students and activities of the institute & continues to lead and expand its activities in the various directions. While managing this strength which is an urgent need of the nation, department is committed to well being and all round development of its students.

                                                    "Machines rule the world, we rule the machines"


Objective of the undergraduate programme is to prepare the manpower that is globally best. Most of the students, who graduate from the department, end up taking leading positions in industry, academia and government in both India and abroad. The department has faculty strength of 15 which are well qualified & vastly experienced in the field of technology & research. Faculty members of the department are also occupants of different chairs of the various committees of the institute which include Dean (Academics), Discipline committee, Library committee and Hostel committee.   Department has a technical staff of 8 who are associated with 16 different laboratories. The department is very well equipped with computational facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software. Department has more than 50 computing systems and workstations loaded with wide range of software products covering all areas of mechanical engineering.


"To excel both in teaching and research. To create an excellent ambience to foster creativity research and scholarship. To be an agent to help in technological growth of the country. "

About the Department:

The department of Mechanical Engineering is equipped with the following main laboratories which provide the arena for the overall growth of students:

  1. Central Workshop.
  2. S.O.M. Laboratory.
  3. Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Laboratory.
  4. Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Laboratory.
  5. Heat –Transfer Laboratory.
  6. K.OM. & D.O.M. Laboratory.
  7. Internal-Combustion Engine Laboratory.
  8. Automobile Engineering Laboratory.
  9. Materials Technology Laboratory.
  10. Metrology & Interchangeability Laboratory.
  11. Measurement & Control Laboratory.
  12. Computer Aided Design Laboratory.

Er. Vikrant Chandel
Head Of Department

Shiva Institute of Engineering & Technology

Mechanical Deptt. - About the Labs

The department is well equipped with fully fledged Laboratories like Basic Engineering workshop, Foundry / Forging, CAD / CAM, Metrology &Measurement, Machine Shop Heat Transfer, Material Testing, Fluid Machinery, Energy Conversion, Design lab etc.

Central Workshop:

Workshop is the central facility for imparting training to the students of all branches of Ist Year B.Tech in various shops. Training is also imparted to Mech. Engg. Students in the subject of Manufacturing Process.

Students of all branches uses workshop facilities for fabrication of their minor and major projects. Central workshop comprises following shops which are well equipped with latest tools and equipments It has following workshops:

Carpentry Shop and Pattern Making Shop:

In Carpentry shop students are trained in various wood working techniques. The shop is full of all kind of modern wood -working tools and equipments. Students here learn about various kind of timber, joints used in various applications in wood working field. The students are not even learning but also get trained in operating various machines and equipments. The carpentry shop is well equipped with Wood Working Lathes, Chiesels. Saws, Planers etc.

Fitting Shop:

Fitting Shop is a shop where students are trained in various techniques like Filling, Drilling, Tapping, Hacksawing, Marking etc. The Fitting Shop is well equipped with various equipments and tools like Surface plates, Angle Plate, Scriber, Files, Tapps, Vernier callipers, Micrometer, Vernier Height gauge, Filler gauges, Vices etc.


Machine Shop:

Most of the modern manufacturing companies are solely successful only because of their modern high tech machines. Machine Shop is the most important shop in Mechanical Engineering as well as for other branches. In Machine shop students are well trained to operate all types of machines. The machine shop is well equipped with all types of machines which are used in modern manufacturing units such as Lathe machines, Drilling Machines, Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, Punching Machine, Boring Machine etc.


Welding Shop:

In welding shop, the students are trained in modern and conventional welding methods like Arc welding, Gas welding, TIG Welding, MIG Welding ,Resistance Welding etc.


Smithy Shop:

In smithy shop, students are trained in all kind of forging operations. The shop is equipped with Hearth Furnace, Chiesels, Swage Block, Power Hammer, Power Hacksaw, Anvil etc.

S.O.M. Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with the various hardness testing machines & machines for carrying out various tests on the different  materials.

  • Universal Testing Machine.
  • Brinell Hardness Testing Machine.
  • Vickers Hardness Testing Machine.
  • Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine.
  • Torsion Testing Machine.
  • Impact Testing Machine.

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Laboratory:

This laboratory comprises of various hydraulic machineries & test rigs:

  • Kaplan turbine test rig.
  • Francis turbine test rig.
  • Pelton turbine test rig.
  • Various hydraulic pumps

Internal-Combustion Engine Laboratory:

In this laboratory students are made conversant with the working of various types of engines & the calculation of the efficiencies. Main attractions of this laboratory are:

  • 4-stroke petrol engine test rig.
  • 4-stroke diesel engine test rig.
  • Models of various engines.

Automobile Engineering Laboratory:

In this laboratory, students are made aware with the chassis system of an automobile. They are made conversant with the various parts of a vehicle, how they are installed & checked for any repairs. Main attractions of this laboratory :

  • Models of suspension system.
  • Steering gear mechanism.
  • Gear-box.
  • Differential gear box.



                                                                                  ER. Vikrant Chandel


Teaching Staff

S. No                       Name       Qualification        Experience       Designation
1.               Mr. Vikrant Chandel M.Tech, M.B.A. 9 years HOD
2. Mr. Jatesh     M.Tech 5 Years Asst. Prof.
3. Mr. Arun Sharma M.Tech Fresher Asst. Prof.
4. Mr. Pankaj B.Tech 2 Years Asst. Prof.
5. Mr. Pankaj Singh Chandel B.Tech Fresher Asst. Prof.
6. Mr. Munish Thakur B.Tech Fresher Asst. Prof.


Technical Staff

S. No Name Qualification Experience Designation
1. Mr.Sunil Uppal I.T.I 7 Years Instructor (Fitter)