Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a stream which helps its students to variegate their abilities by encouraging critical thinking by introducing out of box learning techniques. It is playing a vital role in all areas such as power plants, high voltage networks, cellular phone, communication and navigation satellite etc. The scopes of electrical engineers are excellent  not only in India, but also in Western Europe and the U.S.A., where there is shortage of qualified electrical engineers. From the production of power in power plants to the customer with his PC in his house, it is electrical engineering that influences our daily life in mostly pleasant ways. Electrical and Electronics Engineering thus is a very broad field, ranging from all aspects of information processing, power production and power distribution. The main areas are Electrical Machines, Electrical Power Generation, transmission and distribution, Electronics (including analog, digital and power electronics), Communication technology, Microprocessors, Power systems, Signal Processing etc. The department of Electrical and Electronics engineering has been set up in the institution in year 2010, with the aim to provide quality theoretical and practical education to the students. The infrastructure & labs are upgraded from time to time to enhance the practical knowledge. The department runs one undergraduate program of four years duration.

EEE - About the Labs 

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has well furnished separate class rooms, seminar hall equipped with audio – visual facilities, laboratories equipped with state- of- art equipment, separate departmental computer center with internet connectivity, initiated R&D activities with about 10 research papers published in national and international journals and conferences etc

Lab Infrastructure:-

The department is well equipped with fully fledged Laboratories like Switchgear and Protection Lab, Transmission and Distribution Lab, Basic Electrical Lab, Electrical Machines Lab, Measurement Lab, Linear Control Systems Lab, Power Electronics Lab etc.

Switchgear and Protection Lab:-

Experimental set up to study symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults on AC &DC network analyzers, electromagnetic type over current relay IDMT and Merz Price protection set up, three phase over current  and static relay etc.

Transmission and Distribution Lab:-

Megger, string insulators with guard ring, radial configuration and ring main configuration to study DC distribution system, paper model of single layer and multi layer cable, model of long transmission line, etc.

Basic Electrical Lab:-

KVL, KCL kits, ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, energy meter of different ratings, transformer testing set up, DC shunt motor set up to study series and parallel resonance, measurement of three phase power with two wattmeter method etc.

Electrical Machines Lab:-

Polarity and ratio test, OC and SC test on single phase transformer complete set up, cut model of single phase and three phase transformer, DC motor, Digital tachometer, Set up to study characteristics of various AC & DC generators and motors, Auto Transformers etc. of various AC & DC generators and motors, Auto Transformers etc.

Measurement Lab:-

Wheatstone Bridge, Kelvin’s Bridge, Flux Meter, Wein’s Bridge, CT, PT, CRO’s, LVDT, Q-meter, RTD and Thermocouple,  Piezoelectric Transducer etc.

Power Electronics Lab:-

SCR, R and RC Triggering ckt. Of SCR, UJT, Half wave and Full wave Bridge controlled rectifier, Full wave uncontrolled rectifier with R and RL load, Single phase Cycloconverter, Series and Parallel operation of SCR, DC Motor, DIAC, TRIAC, Lamp Dimmer etc.




Teaching Staff

S. No                       Name       Qualification        Experience       Designation
1. Er.Navneet M.Tech 2 Years Asst. Prof.
2. Er. Tarseem M.Tech 2 Years Asst. Prof.
3. Er. Jyoti Kalia M.Tech Fresher Asst. Prof.
4. Er.Ankush M.Tech   2 Years Asst. Prof.
5. Er. Subhneet B.Tech 3 Years Asst. Prof.