The future of Computing rests here. The department's mission is to advance, evolve and enhance Computer Science and Engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of the society. The CSE Department endeavours to be an important regional resource center for the development of Computing and its applications. The department is witnessing a period of exciting growth and opportunity propelled by the growth of technology and its recognition through excellence.

The objective is to educate, train and develop world class IT professionals with a mastery of not only hardware and software skills but also soft skills for professional success.

The department is regularly conducting workshops for all faculty and students. The department has six state of the art laboratories with high end Servers along with a firewall security server. The department invites eminent personalities from renowned industries.



To empower the students of computer science and Engineering Department to be Technologically adept, innovative, self-motivated and responsible global citizens possessing human values and contribute significantly towards growth and development of society.



The Department of Computer Science and Engineering strives to prepare students for professional career and higher studies by providing conductive teaching – learning, research environment and entrepreneurship with leadership skills, enabling them to serve the engineering profession.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Excel in Professional career by acquiring Knowledge in Mathematics and computer science & engineering principles.
  • Adapt to technological advancements by engaging in lifelong learning with leadership qualities, professional ethics and soft skills.

Industry Interaction

The following collaborative project between Industries/Institutions and Department of Computer Science & Engg, has been completed: The Department has MoUs with Industries like HCL India, NNSC , Wipro.

Infrastructure & Facilities

INTERNET LAB(C Programming Lab)
Details of Hardware and Software :
• 60 Compaq Presario, Intel core i7 Processor @ 3.7 to 4.7 GHZ ,4 GB RAM Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse,18.5 Display
• OS: Red Hat Linux, Window 7 Ultimate
• Software:MS-Office, Turbo C, Android software

Data Structures/OOP
Details of Hardware and Software :
• 60 HCL PC’s
• OS: Windows 10 Professional, Open SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux
• Software: MS-Office, Turbo C , Visual Studio latest version 16.0, OpenGL, SQL Server 2000, Apache Server, PHP, MySQL, server latest 8.0.

DBMS/Java Lab
Details of Hardware and Software :
•24 HP Compaq / IBM/DELL
• OS: Windows 10 Professional, Open SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux
• Software: MS-Office, Turbo C , Visual Studio 16.0, SQL Server 2000, Java and latest technologies softwares.

Network Programming/Java Lab
Details of Hardware and Software :
• 60 HP Compaq
• OS: Windows 10 Professional, Fedora
• Software: MS-Office. Turbo C, Java

System Programming Lab
Details of Hardware and Software:
•30 Pentium core i7/3.7 GHz/4GB/ 320GB
• OS: Window 10, Open Suse Linux.
• Software: MS-Office, Java Matlab, NS2,J2ME, VisualStudio 16.0, Qt, Java Beans, Eclipse.

Project Lab
Details of Hardware and Software :
• 50 DELL
•OS: Windows 19 Professional, Open SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux
• Software: MS-Office, Turbo C, VisualStudio 16.0, SQLServer 2000, Java




                                                                                  Er. Ramakant Sharma

                                                                                            HOD CSE

Teaching Staff

S. No                     Name      Qualification       Experience       Designation
1. Er. Ramakant Sharma M.Tech 5 Years Asst. Prof
2. Er. Preeti M.Tech 2 Years Asst. Prof.
3. Er. Rachna Sharma M.Tech Fresher Asst. Prof.
4. Er. Neha Sharma M.Tech Fresher Asst. Prof.

Technical Staff

S. No                        Name      Qualification        Experience       Designation
1. Mr. Vikrant Sharma Diploma 7 Years
Network Engineer.
2. Mr. Aditya Bhardwaj Diploma 7 Years
Network Support Engg.
3. Mr. Praveen Sharma  Diploma 4 Years
Network Support Engg.
4. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Diploma 3 Years Network Support Engg.