Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of civil Engineering has been set up in the institution in order to create a broad based interdisciplinary centre of studies in the area of construction. The department has been in the forefront to create outstanding civil engineers who will be well equipped with deep knowledge in their field and shall be very pro-active in industrial interaction and technological development.

Solid Mechanics Lab

The Department of Civil Engineering of SHIVA INSTITUTE OF ENGG. & TECHNOLOGY , Bilaspur has been set up as an individual Branch during 2010-11. The department is providing undergraduate course in Civil Engineering (CE) with an annual intake of 120 students.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

To withstand with fast-paced new technology in construction world in every semester industrial visits, site visits, seminars & survey camps are conducted to enhance the practical knowledge of each student. Special attention is given to improve their interpersonal skills & work on their basic skills to fulfill the industrial requirements.

The faculty of the department continues to strive loftier by exploring new frontiers of knowledge and imparting the latest technical knowledge to the students. The institution have well qualified and dedicated faculty having experience in both public & private sector as well as in institutions. They are specialized in Structural Engg., R.C.C., Geotechnical, Environmental Engg., Water resources, Transportation, Surveying, construction planning & management. The Faculty members are imparting technical knowledge to the students and conducting high quality of research.

The Labs are well equipped with latest technological equipments including Total Station, universal testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Forced vortex apparatus, abrasion testing machine etc.

About Civil Deptt. Labs

The department of Civil engineering has well furnished separate class rooms, seminar hall equipped with audio – visual facilities, laboratories equipped with state- of- art equipment, separate departmental computer center with internet connectivity, fully air conditioned computer aided drawing laboratory etc.

Lab Infrastructure

The department is well equipped with fully fledged Laboratories like Basic Engineering workshop, Foundry / Forging, CAD / CAM, Metro-logy &Measurement, Machine Shop Heat Transfer, Material Testing, Fluid Machinery, Energy Conversion, Design lab etc.

Surveying Lab

Total Station, Theodolites, Levels, Compasses, Plane Table equipments, Digital Planimeter etc.

Civil CAD Lab

Licensed version of STAAD PRO software for 25 users. Licensed version of DOUBLECAD software for 25 users.

Structural Lab

Elastic Properties Of Deflected Beam Apparatus
Apparatus For Verification Of Clark’s Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem.
Curved Member Apparatus
Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus.
2 and 3 Hinged Arched Apparatus.

Transportation And Highway Engg. Lab

Marshall Stability Test Apparatus,
California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus,
Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine,
Devel Attrition Testing Machine,
Aggregate Impact Test Machine,
Flash & Fire Point Testing Machine.

Concrete Lab

Slump Cone Test Apparatus Crushing Strength Test Apparatus
Universal Testing Machine, Vicat’s Apparatus.

Soil And Geotechnical Engg. Lab

Triaxial Compression Testing equipment, Direct shear test equipment, vane shear test equipment, Compaction test equipment, Liquid Limit And Plastic Limit Test, Standard Penetration Test

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Friction through Pipe
Reciprocating Pump
Centrifugal Pump
Pelton Wheel
Francis Turbine
Kaplan Turbine
Flow Through Nozzle Meter
Impact of Jets Vanes

Environmental Engg. Lab pH meter, spectroscope meter, flame photometer, COD and BOD equipments, jar test apparatus, Distilled Water Plant

Civil - Faculty Profile

Teaching Staff

S. No                        Name      Qualification        Experience       Designation
1. Er. M.K Sharma AMIE  44  years Asstt. Professor (HOD)
2. Er. Sonia Sharma
M.Tech  3  Years Asstt. Professor
3. Er. Sakshi Sharma
M.Tech  3  Years Asstt. Professor
4. Er. Anurag Kashyap
M.Tech  2  years Asstt. Professor
5. Er. Surabhi
M.Tech  1 Year Asstt. Professor
6. Er. Himanshu
M.Tech  1 Year
Asstt. Professor
7. Er. Abhishek
3 Years
8. Er. Vandana Sambial
B.Tech,M.Tech(Pur) 2 Years Asstt.Professor
9. Er. Ashish Kumar
M.Tech  6 months Asstt. Professor
10. Er. Sushil Katwal
B.Tech  2 Years  Lecturer

Technical Staff:

S. N                       Name      Qualification         Experience        Designation
1. Mr. Rohit Thakur Diploma 4 Years
Lab. Tech
2. Mrs.Santosh Diploma 5Years
Lab. Tech
3. Mr. Sachin Dhiman Diploma 2Years Lab. Tech
4. Mr. Vijay Kumar Diploma 6 months

Lab. Tech